Why Am I Seeing Spots That Blur Vision?

Why Am I Seeing Spots That Blur Vision

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I seeing spots that blur my vision?” The answer may be quite simple. It could be eye floaters that cause irritation in and around the eyes. Your vision may be blurred to some extent. As long as there is no pain, individuals may not seek out a treatment to get rid of this medical condition.

Often, individuals use natural remedies like Eye Floaters No More before resorting to surgery or other intrusive methods. If retinal tear or displacement is confirmed, the only medical solution may be laser therapy or vitrectomy, depending on the condition of the eye.

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It will also depend on how much you can afford for surgery. A safer and cheaper method is to reverse this medical condition by understanding how it occurs, then finding a viable long-term solution that prevents these eye floaters from forming repeatedly.

Anyone Can Develop Eye Floaters

An unborn baby receives nourishment through the hyaloid artery inside the mother's womb. Blood flow to the eyes is regulated by this artery, and a malfunction may not necessarily cause immediate damage. Once this connection between the baby and mother is broken, the hyaloid artery breaks into minute particles that remain in different locations including the vitreous fluid inside the eye.

A healthy body will prevent these minute particles from clustering and forming hair-like structures that adversely affect vision.

This condition may occur at any stage, though ageing is known to accelerate the process where the vitreous fluid liquefies and allows these minute particles to solidify. When these floating fragments start moving within the vitreous fluid, you may see spots or flickering lights in front of your eyes.

Other Medical Conditions That Cause Blurred Vision

Floating spots, blurred or threadlike vision may occur due to other medical conditions. For example, one of the symptoms of conjunctivitis is redness and swelling of the eyelid that leads to blurred vision. Individuals suffering from glaucoma are known to experience deteriorating vision.

Injuries to the eye may cause bleeding, irritation, burning sensation, and swelling that prevent normal vision. Nearsightedness can adversely affect normal vision. It may prevent the retina from focusing on distant objects.

Although there are about 34 conditions that can cause blurred vision, eye disease due to diabetes may cause severe loss of vision leading to blindness. Anxiety affects the body in different ways. Uncontrolled blood pressure may damage blood vessels, while low blood pressure or hypotension may cause dizziness or lightheadedness. Eye floaters, however, remain one of the most common causes for blurred vision, especially in older people. Ageing does seem to have a negative effect on eyesight.

How And When To Treat Eye Floaters

The moment you ask yourself, “Why am I seeing spots?” it's time to seek out a safe and affordable treatment for eye floaters. If you are alert, you'll notice threadlike structures affecting your vision. It may be hardly noticeable, but you’d do well to consult your eye specialist or go in for a routine eye checkup to rule out serious eye damage.

Trained professionals will always suggest nonintrusive methods to get rid of eye floaters. Whenever serious conditions like retinal displacement or tear are confirmed, laser eye surgery or other intrusive methods may be recommended.

There are no known medicines that actually cure eye floaters. Manufacturers of active supplements may claim to have found the perfect solution for this medical condition. However, a natural and simpler treatment plan is available for those who seek permanent cure for floaters.

Eye Floaters No More is the recommended treatment to remove floaters without the use of intrusive methods. Individuals are totally involved in this process and find it easier to improve their conditions by making easy-to-sustain diet changes; consuming milk thistle, blueberry extract, and other natural supplements; and by resorting to eye washes that are recommended in the guide.

For those who seek out natural treatments and cannot afford the $1500 fee to undergo laser treatment, this system may be ideal. You have 60 days to try it out before you decide whether this treatment works for you or not. Results may differ in individual cases, but in most cases, positive results are achieved in two weeks or less.

It's just a matter of following the system. Daniel Brown, the researcher who came up with this effective program, is absolutely certain of its success and backs it up with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

He has People developed a unique system to treat floaters. Eye Floaters No More is tested to produce results. You can get positive results in less than a month without resorting to costly laser treatments or other intrusive methods. You may never have to ask, “Why am I seeing spots?” any longer.

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