Cure For Eye Floaters

Cure For Eye Floaters

Eye floaters are specks in the fluid surrounding your eyes. These specks float around in the fluid as your eyes move. For the most part, these eye floaters are not at all harmful, thought they can be quite annoying. They look a lot like small dots or insects that are flying around in your eyes.

Floaters become apparent when you look at a computer monitor, the clear blue sky, or any other light-colored surface. In many cases, these floaters will remain for ten years or more. As we get older, we are more likely to feel them as well as see them. In some cases, individuals will develop floaters following surgery to correct cataracts.

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Individuals who have diabetes are much more likely to develop eye floaters than those who do not. In addition, individuals who are nearsighted are more likely to develop floaters than others. Finally, women who are pregnant are also likely to develop them due to the protein formation in the eyes. Some floaters may occur during childbirth. Women who are pregnant or giving birth develop cells in their vitreous humor- but these will later turn into a liquid later in life.

Natural Treatment of Eye Floaters

When you have eye floaters that you are concerned about, you should visit an eye specialist. He or she is likely to give you some eye drops that are made with omega fatty acids. However, the best remedy for eye floaters is time- and maybe some natural remedies. Following are a few natural treatments that you can do at home, without the assistance of a physician.

  • Focus on an Object

Start by holding a pen/pencil in front of your face, keeping your arms straight. Then, focus on the tip of the pencil/pen, and gradually bring it towards your face until it’s about six inches from your face. Be sure to maintain your focus on the tip of the pencil/pen. You should do this about ten times each day.

  • Drink Organic Juices

A natural- and delicious- way to reduce or get rid of your floaters is to drink lots of organic juices. Juices such as apple, beetroots, carrots, celery, garlic, parsnip, raspberries, and thyme are excellent options for treating eye floaters.

  • Drink Herbal Teas

Another natural and delicious way to reduce or get rid of your floaters is to drink herbal tea. Choose an herbal tea instead of things such as alcohol, coffee, and tea.

  • Palm Your Eyes

You can use your palms to warm your eyes. Sit down in a comfy position. Then, rub your palms together to warm them up. Then, place your warm hands on your eyes for ten seconds. You can do this five times each day.

  • Do some Eye Exercises

Find a comfy spot to sit and then lean your head back until you are looking up at the ceiling. Then, try rotating your eyeballs in a clockwise direction- then, repeat this process in the opposite direction. It is recommended that you move them slowly. This should be done ten times each day in both directions.

  • Practice Yoga

You can find yoga exercises for the eyes that are a great remedy for getting rid of the stress that causes floaters. In addition, stress is thought to be a cause of floaters, and practicing yoga can help you reduce your stress- and therefore, reduce the floaters.

  • Get a Massage

Yes, massage is another way to reduce stress and get rid of floaters. You can do a forehead/eye massage that is very helpful. Simply massage the area on your forehead between your temples and eyebrows slowly in a clockwise and a counter clockwise direction. You can do this twenty times each day and is thought to be the best natural remedy for floaters.

It is likely that you will experience eye floaters at least once in your life- especially as you get older. In most cases, they are nothing more than simply annoying- they don’t really have a major effect on your vision or overall quality of life. However, since they are annoying, many people want to find a natural way to reduce them. You can try the above methods. Many people find that they get relief from them when following these methods.

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